For the WipEout Omega Collection we developed a re-worked logotype, art direction and larger launch campaign. Celebrating the rich design heritage whilst also bringing the games a contemporary aesthetic, we aimed to create a visual direction that combined the three games together into one cohesive design.

Concept development

From an early stage we developed multiple routes, each conveying the sense of speed. Once a route was selected, working with the development team and marketing we iteratively improved and worked towards a final creative.

The design

Following the initial pitch and mood board development, we worked on developing a cohesive art direction that answered the brief for a strong piece of key art - as well as a visual direction for the accompanying TV / digital ad. The design focuses on the ships themselves, as they are a key recognisable signifier for the core audience. By repurposing the 'League's' logo into a track shape we allowed placement three different game's in the same environment.

Release & Launch material

The campaign was released across all digital platforms, from youtube videos to social media takeovers. The final keyart varied slightly from the initial launch visual, but maintained the same key points of art direction.

WipEout VR

To increase the sense of immersion and take gamers to the next level of speed in WipEout, the recent free DLC of VR has been released. This required its own logo lock-up for launch trailer.


Art direction: Sam Richardson
Design: Chris Margerison, Sam Richardson
Video editing: Matt Akehurst

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