Concept for an engagement platform for parents and their children. For families, the more time spent together the better.

Petits Filous - Time to Play

The goal was simple: to pledge, inspire, track and celebrate 10 million hours of active family playtime across the nation. Time to Play is a platform that brings families together, that makes active family time a positive and celebrated part of being a family, for all families, no matter who. To bring this to life we created an app, online hub as well as social content.

The Five Pillars

To bring the concept to life, we developed the 5 pillars of communication. Each element of the campaign was designed to work both independently of each other, as well as a holistically connected campaign for the user to become involved in. Activities ranged from large scale events, to more personal activities to play with your child.

The app and websites serve as a hub for the user to interact, track, and gain inspriration for their Time to Play.
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