For Caffè Nero, we developed a full service global website redesign, combining art direction with site-wide page design.

Caffè Nero

By distilling the atmosphere of the Caffè Nero stores into a look and feel, we looked into photographic direction, developing the tone of voice as well as potential typographical treatment. We aimed to highlight the coffee credentials of Caffè Nero, as well as retaining the classical Italian heritage.

Initial concepts

Taking the research and moodboards as inspiration, we began to develop a look and feel, combining the design elements and structure to begin creating a new vision for Caffè Nero.

Caffè Nero

By designing the site in a modular fashion, I worked closely with the UX team to ensure that post-delivery the client would be able to easily create their own pages if needed - but that these would keep to the defined consistent structure and look and feel.
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